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קרב מגע Shalom Krav Maga

At Shalom Krav Maga the idea of self-defence is not a sin. We believe that we are called to love and to share the grace of God in Jesus Christ, and believe that to turn the other cheek is not to become the victims of violent crime, but to live by God's grace and be in peace [Shalom] with those who persecute us for the sake of our Saviour Jesus.

Family Krav Maga Classes

Family Krav Maga class begins with prayer, then training with a brief break and encouragement from God's word. Then more self-defence training and we wrap up in prayer. The Krav Maga is taught by Christopher, all curriculum is designed for safe and efficient learning of all Krav Maga techniques.
This group is intended for people who are peaceable and not aggressive, and classes are taught with a focus on SAFETY, kindness and consideration toward our training partners. Family Krav Maga is a fun, light atmosphere where you and your kids can get in great shape, and learn real world practical self-defence that can protect you and your loved ones form potential threats.

At Shalom Krav Maga, we emphasize de-escalating confrontation, situational awareness, and being peacemakers in the world.   

Family Krav Maga is organized so families with children aged 12 and up can train together. At Shalom Krav Maga, we strive to be a community where all families are welcome to train and be encouraged in the LORD. Come and find your strength in a positive encouraging community. 


Calgary, AB T1V, Canada

403 807 6045


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