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Shalom Krav Maga Updates

Registration is now open for the March 2024 Krav Krav Maga Program and February 2024 Bootcamp.

Please fill out form below for information on how to register.

Join today and start learning the best self-defence system in the world!
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for more information on how to register.

June 2020. Currently Shalom Krav Maga is opening the High River home studio in September, provided COVID restrictions are lifted. We also run month long Krav Maga programs in the Braeside area of Calgary SW.

Stay tuned for updates.

If you'd like to get on board, contact Shalom Krav Maga and we will happily put your email on our list.

The S.K.M. Krav Maga Seminar 2019

Join us on April 11th, 2019 for the S.K.M. Intro to Krav Maga Seminar!

This is a self-defence instructional and educational seminar teaching some of the foundational techniques and principles of Krav Maga. 

It is open to everyone over the age of 12, and will be a safe and fun way to learn one of the worlds best self-defence systems.

This seminar will be hosted by the New Brighton Community Association.

Start time is 6:15pm and wraps up at 9:00pm

Please wear comfortable sweats and t-shirt, and bring a water bottle.


May 9th to June 20th 2019 Krav Maga Lessons

Shalom Krav Maga will be taught from May 9th to June 20th at the New Brighton Community Association. Lessons begin at 7:30pm and run until 9pm. Classes are in the Studio room on the main floor of N.B.C.A.

People of all fitness levels are welcome to join. All Shalom Krav Maga curriculum is practiced in a safe and controlled manor, allowing people of all levels to learn effectively and get in great shape.

To join please click the link below.


Calgary, AB T1V, Canada

403 807 6045


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