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Private and Small Group Krav Maga

Private and small group lessons are an efficient way to learn Krav Maga. 

 Shalom Krav Maga classes run on a rotating curriculum, allowing students at every level to learn effectively in less time then in a larger class with divided groups. Because Krav Maga is not a martial art, but a self-defence system, there are no forms [kata] to learn. Students are able to learn techniques from Intro Level [white belt] up to Level 6 [black belt]

There is also more time for questions and specific focus in private and small group lessons. 

Fitness and conditioning are also a strong focus in the S.K.M. Academy.

Our classes are full of high energy music, fun and excellent training!

All conditioning is practiced with the utmost in safety, and is catered to all body types and fitness levels.

Private classes are taught at the home gym in Calgary South.

If you are interested in signing up, contact us today!

Contact us for pricing and availability


Calgary, AB T1V, Canada

403 807 6045

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